The Shadovar-Thay War was an armed conflict raging on between the two nations of Netheril and Thay. The war was centered around the propoganda movement that was New Neverwinter and the many factions vying for control of Neverwinter and the secrets it holds.

The Netherese aimed to recover Xinlenal, the first Mythallar. However, as the Thayan forces seeked to feed their Dread Ring in the area, both forces depended on New Neverwinter to win their struggle. Although Thay had many more allies than Netheril, the Netherese had far more forces and experienced generals.

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Ever since their return from Shadowfell, the Netherese seeked to find and recover the first Enclave, Xinlenal. Clairburnus Tanthul would trace it's approximate location to Neverwinter Wood and Draygo Quck would send Herzgo Alegni to locate it. The Netherese would infiltrate the Neverwinter power structure, renaming the Winged Wyvern Bridge the Herzgo Alegni Bridge. Netherese forces would become plentiful in the area, seeking ancient relics and tools.

Szass Tam would order Sylora Salm to create a Dread Ring in the area, given the help of the Ashmadai and the Lich Valindra Shadowmantle. When Maegra the Inferno would erupt, the Dread Ring would be created, the Herzgo Alegni Bridge forgotten and Alegni himself sent back to Netheril, replaced by a more incompetant lord. The Netherese would struggle to regain their balance, becoming less numerable in the ensuing decade. During the decade, though, Netheril would wage full out war against the Red Wizards of Thay and their Ashmadai forces.

After Alegni would return to power, he would decide to take a new front in the war against Thay and a new way to take down the Ashmadai. The settlement of New Neverwinter would use the forces of the Netherese and the Winged Wyvern Bridge would reassume the Herzgo Alegni Bridge name. Alegni's plan was simple, make the people love him, take over Neverwinter and expel Thayan and Ashmadai forces from Neverwinter Wood. Though he would create the White Guard and the Shadow Guard as fighting forces, he would fail to make the people love him and his claimed leadership over Neverwinter would be disputed.

During this, the Succubus Arunika would deal with the Thayans to allow for the entrance of the Abolethic Sovereignty into New Neverwinter. However, Salm's death would place Valindra in control and ruin such plans, forcing Arunika to attract the attention of Waterdeep. Following Alegni's death, Waterdeep would arrive under leadership of Dagult Neverember and would assume control of the city, with Thay and Netheril being forced to fight a shadow war. Clairburnus Tanthul himself would then assume leadership of Shadovar activities in Neverwinter Wood.

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With the war being taken to the Shadows and in Neverwinter Wood, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember, would assume the position of Lord Protector of Neverwinter, placing himself at the center of the Shadovar-Thay War. Neverember, by starting the New Neverwinter propaganda would stir nationalistic emotions and would repair much of the city, drawing many supporters to his side. To avoid possible rebellions, Dagult would avoid bring the Waterdhavian military but instead a force of mercenaries led by the sultry General Sabine, who oversees day to day activities of the Shadovar-Thay War, telling Dagult only the important points. The mercenaries would immediately begin to patrol the Neverwinter river and would begin to renovate the Herzgo Alegni Bridge for government headquarters. Neverember would immediately begin using Alegni's plan to annex Neverwinter, make the people love him by supplying them safety, work and other opportunities. Neverember, confident that he holds a blood line with Nasher Alagonder, had hired many scribes to create books linking him to the line through Vans Ner, Nasher's bastard son.

Although he had many plans for Neverwinter, they were all linked in getting the population to love him, a plan he shared with Herzgo alegni. To get dwarven support, Neverember hired many adventurers to find the forges of Gauntlgrym, to rebuild the city and win over citizens. However, House Xorlarrin of the drow had returned to the forges with a mightier force, rendering Neverember's plans for the city void. Despite failures to find Gauntlgrym, Dagult further tried to win over dwarven support by hiring shield dwarf Soman Galt as mayor, to oversee tax collection and property and city files. The Aboleths would, however, take Galt as their slave in their efforts to take over the Neverember Administration.

The Netherese would grow wary of Neverember and his plans for the city, though Dagult was ignorant of them. Despite this, the Netherese would sometimes offer their services to the Lord Protector. Thay, on the other hand was supporting the Sons of Alagondar, to sway attention away from Waterdeep. The Ashmadai took notice of Thay's attacks against New Neverwinter and decided to split into two factions, one led by Favria, who continually aids Valindra in attacking New Neverwinter and the Netherese. The other, led by Mordai Vell, plan on assassinating Neverember and converting General Sabine, a means to take over the city.

As New Neverwinter was at the center of the war, most of the fighting had been concentrated on the factions near or around that area. As such, Valindra would often take the dead of Neverwinter to fuel her army, even taking the Neverwinter Nine, in an attempt to ruin the government of New Neverwinter to take more undead soldiers. The Shadovar would often block these attempts, using their newfound Uthgardt allies and often, Ashmadai led by Mordai.

The people of Neverwinter were oblivious to the war going on around them, this was due to the Thayans secretely supporting the Sons of Alagondar. The Sons would take up most of the people's attention, with the likes of Rucas Sarfael infiltrating them.

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