Port Llast was a great city located in the Sword Coast North. It often harboured refugees from Luskan when the latter would fall to Orc Hordes. When Luskan would stabilize Port Llast would lose its prominance. Llast would further begin to diminish when the Spellplague would ruin its ports and cause merchants to frequent Neverwinter instead.

History Edit

Built to be a safe port in the Savage Frontier, Port Llast would often live in the boom-bust cycle when Orc Hordes would attack Luskan. This would bring Llast to great prominance and population, something it would lose when Luskan would stabilize. Although it would still maintain a fairly large population, the coming of the Spellplague would result in tides around Port Llast changing and silt filling its harbour. This would result in Neverwinter being used instead of Llast. Eventually, Port Llast, due to it's failing harbours would become a ghost town, with its few remaining citizens being murdered at the hands of marauders. Rumours would then spread that Umberlee had taken Llast as her domain, frightening anyone from resettling the town.