Helm's Hold was a town built adjacent to a monastary that worshipped Helm. For a while, the monastary would fall into disuse but the arrival of Dagult Neverember in New Neverwinter would bring new life to the town.

History Edit

Helm's Hold would be built by clerics, paladins and monks worshipping the god Helm. As with most monastary's in the realms, eventually a small town would grow near, with the two eventually becoming dependant on each other. Like most things, the Spellplague would greatly affect the town with the death of Helm causing the monastary and by extension, the town, to fall into disarray. However, the fortifications would see new lights when General Sabine would help fortify the town with her Tarnian soldiers. Dagult Neverember would then use the area as a treatment center for victims of the Spellplague.