The Crags were a series of broken mounds and hills that would ascend into mountains. Home to various outposts and at one time a kingdom, the Crags were a rich source of adventurers coming to New Neverwinter.


In ancient times, the Crags had once attracted several humans, who would arrive and begin to mine the area. Dwarves too would join in eventually, helping create hundreds of thousands of mines. The mines, however, would be dead and worked out and would end up housing various creatures. Dwarves would continue to inhabit the area, building outposts guarding the area to Gauntlgrym, however, as Delzoun weakened, more and more outposts fell victim to hordes of monsters.

Some time later, the kingdom of Grimmantle would be located in the Crags, but after being sacked by orcs, attempts to resettle would be abandoned. For years, dwarves would journey to the Crags to search for Gauntlgrym, believing one of the many mines and tunnels to be an entrance to the ancient Delzoun city, or that one could be mined further to find the city. However, all dwarves would abandon their search as the mines proved too many. After the fall of Neverwinter, the Ashmadai would attempt to find Gauntlgrym through the Crags, but the mines would again prove too many.

In 1467 DR, Dagult Neverember would put up a charter to find Gauntlgrym. This would again attract hundreds of adventurers, but the many mines would prove too much and the search would go on for over a decade.


The terrain was quite harsh and was often described as a wrinkle of hills and ridges. The Crags run Northeast from Neverwinter Wood like a stich holding together the Earth's skin. A series of hills and steppes, the Crags eventually terminates into Mount Hotenow, which itself will eventually lead into Gauntlgrym. Although it is unknown if any of the Crag's hundreds of tunnels and caves lead into the famed Dwarven city, the mountains do house the ruins of several ancient Gauntlgrymian Outposts and their treasures.

Inhabitants Edit

Although once home to scores of Humans and Dwarves, the Crags now house a variety of monsters who inhabit caves and mines as well as the abandoned Gauntlgrym Outposts. The most common of monsters are definately Orcs and Goblins. Other creatures, such as Gnolls, Ogres and Hill Giants also roam in the area. While many monsters live in the unexplored mines and tunnels, monsters also live in the Gauntlgrym Outposts, often in the ones that their ancestors overran. The only Humans that still live in the area are considered uncivilized barbarians, however, they are collectivelly organized into an Uthgardt Tribe, known as the Sky Ponies.